Work experience

Work experience offered to keen linguists!

Parallel has recently started to offer work experience to enable keen linguists to gain valuable insight into the translation industry and find out more about the careers available to them as current language students.

Over the past few months Harry Stansfield and Elizabeth Prentice, both second year languages students at the University of Southampton, have spent a few days within the Parallel team learning about various aspects of translation project management. They were able to spend time with our Project Managers, Operations Manager, Business Manager and Director to find out more about the business and gain valuable advice on how best to progress their language-based careers.

Read on to find out, in their own words, how Elizabeth and Harry found their work experience with us:


Work experience - Elizabeth“During my two day work experience at Parallel Translations I was welcomed by a very friendly team who were all incredibly generous with their time. For a languages student interested in the translation industry this was an invaluable opportunity, as it is always so hard to find work experience and internships in this area.

Over the two days, Parallel gave me a thorough overview of their key processes in all the key areas of their business. On the first day, I was shown each employee’s different tasks in the office, such as production and project management. It surprised me how involved project management is, as the managers know the personal strengths and weaknesses of each translator, so that the best work can be delivered on time. This attention to detail seems to be the root of Parallel’s success. It was great to receive some hands-on experience too, as I was able to complete the proofreading of some German texts.

On the second day, I spent lots of time with the translation project managers. They showed me the entire translation management process, from receiving a job from a client to finding a translator before finally proofreading the finished product. I was also able to do some real-life recruitment and received very useful advice regarding my CV and career development.

Throughout the work experience, one thing that stuck out for me was that Parallel is a close unit, which means each piece of work appears to have a lot of care applied to it. Each would be completed to a high standard, as opposed to a larger conveyor-belt type business ethic. This appealed to me and I’m grateful to Parallel for placing importance on helping young people thinking about their future careers!”

– Elizabeth Prentice


Work experience - Harry2“I spent a fascinating few days at Parallel during which I was able to gain extensive knowledge about the world of translation. The experience provided me with a fascinating insight into the processes of the company, especially when shadowing Project Managers who were very helpful in explaining their roles and answering any questions I asked about their work. Business Manager Laura organised an excellent schedule which maximised the time and ensured that I benefited from the experience as much as possible.

A wide range of activities, from conversations with Managing Director Lucy about the fundamental processes of the company, to independent work proofreading translations, enabled me to gain a wealth of information quickly whilst also allowing me to use and develop my own skills.

It is also worth adding that Operations Manager Paul spent time analysing my CV and offering invaluable advice for me to develop my working/online profile. Overall it was an extremely beneficial few days working with approachable people who clearly showed a desire to help maximise the time I spent in the office. “

– Harry Stansfield


If you are a languages student interested in joining the Parallel team for a period of work experience, please contact Paul Calverley, our Operations Manager, for more information: