Our Process

Initial Request

Your quotation request arrives in our central inbox. During working hours we respond to all emails within one hour.


Nick, our Production Manager, assigns the request to a Translation Project Manager (TPM) who thereafter becomes a dedicated point of contact for you.


The assigned TPM fully assesses your files, calculating the word count of the documents and any additional time elements involved.

We advise you on the most cost-effective approach and quotations are always transparent.


Our TPM provides you with an accurate written quotation via email, and an estimated timescale based on the volume of work involved.

Before we start work, we always ensure you know what to expect in terms of cost and timescale - there are no nasty surprises later on!


Once the quote meets with your approval, we ask for a brief email with instructions to proceed.

The Project is considered live at this point and our in-house PM software is initiated.


Our TPM prepares the documents ready for the Translator to begin work. This includes any formatting and conversion, as well as preparing reference materials to assist the Translator and to help achieve consistency with any previous terminology.

Search & Selection

Our TPM searches for an expert Translator for the Project.

Using our bespoke database of over 300 carefully selected Translators, we are able to decide which professionals have the most relevant experience.

Translator Contact

Our TPM contacts the Translator to establish availability and timescales for the Project.

We will suggest the ideal delivery date, taking into account your requirements, and will pass on key information following our initial assessment of the files.


Subject to the Translator’s acceptance, our TPM will confirm the delivery date to you by email.

Once confirmed, we always adhere to this deadline.


The Translator begins their task of translating the files. Our TPMs always support our Translators during each stage of the process.

We may need to consult with you during the translation process, to resolve queries or seek clarification.

Translator Delivery

Once the Translator has finalised and proofread their translation, they submit the Project to us via our secure email.

Our TPM will take note of any issues raised by the Translator so that we can focus attention on these points, and ensure the most qualitative approach to our in-house checking.

First Check

This is a full proofread of the translation against the source text. Most European languages are proofed by our in-house team. For rarer languages, this stage may be undertaken by a second Translator.

Formatting is revised to match the source text, the Translator may be contacted for query resolution and the TPM also checks that your specific instructions have been observed.

Second Check

The more eyes, the better!

A second TPM then undertakes a further check of the translation, after which both TPMs will liaise to resolve any outstanding queries before finalising the Project.


Once the Project has been finalised, each translated document is certified by an authorised signatory of the company. Certificates are supplied as a PDF file with electronic signature complying with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

We are also happy to sign any internal verifications required by your SOPs. These services are provided free of charge.


The finalised Project returns to the TPM who then delivers it to you via email, together with the corresponding Certificates of Translation.

The TPM will alert you to any issues arising during the translation process which may require attention or further action.


Once all admin procedures have been completed, the Project is archived in our secure electronic filing system.

If you misplace a translation or Certificate, or should you have a query in the future, we can access all previous documents and provide additional copies at no additional charge.

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