Next Generation Parallel

After many months of research, planning, design & development, coding and testing, we have rebranded, with a new logo, fresh colour-scheme and a brand new website – our third incarnation.

Working with our UX/Design Consultant, Max at Atelier Studios, our in-house ‘Web Gang’ of Paul, Sarah, Laura and Hannah have put a huge amount of thought and effort into producing a modern-looking and easy to navigate website that conveys everything that Parallel has to offer.

Information is more accessible and engaging for clients and translators, who both have their own dedicated pages.

Prospective translators can find out about working with us and apply directly online.

Details of our in-house positions are also available.

One of our favourite pages on the new site is the “Process” page, where we have shared what happens behind the scenes on a daily basis during the lifespan of a translation project. Also, visitors to the site can finally put faces to names by viewing our “About Us” team page.

We are not finished yet! Our website will continue to evolve and improve. We have many additional features planned for the future, including a multi-language site of course.

We’re still the same Parallel

Rest assured that, irrespective of the makeover, we are still the same friendly but professional Southampton-based company, with 20 years’ experience in providing specialist translations to the medical, pharmaceutical and patent sectors.

Now we’re all up to date with online technology, be sure to come back regularly to read our blog posts, follow us on Twitter and join our page on LinkedIn. Please have a browse around our site and contact us if you require any further information (via our new Contact page).