Molecule to Marketplace

Dr Ray Munden visited the Parallel team in Southampton to give us some industry-specific training on pharmaceuticals. Ray, who has over three decades of experience working at GlaxoSmithKline on the pharmaceutical development of novel chemical entities, shared his insightful “Molecule to Market Place” talk with us.

Starting at the beginning
Over the course of a few hours, lightly interspersed with tea and cake, the team covered the full process of drug development. During the first half of the session, we discovered how therapeutic areas and specific diseases to target are selected, how target molecules for synthesis are chosen, how a drug candidate’s structure and purity are confirmed.

The next steps
Ray taught us how these candidates are screened for activity and how synthesis is scaled up before moving us on to think about safety testing in animals, formulation studies, human volunteer studies and pharmacokinetic/metabolic studies.

Reaching the marketplace
Finally, we discussed all stages of clinical trials, marketing licence applications and the transfer to production, as well as the continuous quality control involved and product line additions once a drug reaches the market.

Greater understanding
Ray’s anecdotal presentation, filled with stories from his years of experience in this field, made these topics highly engaging and the Parallel team came away well informed and ready to understand our translated documents in even greater depth.

Parallel specialises in medical and pharmaceutical translation, so regular industry-specific training of all staff helps us to ensure that the translated files we supply our clients with are accurate, high quality representations of their source texts. We are already looking forward to our next training sessions and developing our expertise even further.