We are continuing to provide our full translation services during this difficult period. We have implemented our Business Continuity Plan and our staff and systems are operating remotely and securely. Please check our social media pages for future updates.

Book sale

Fundraising for Charity: from Book Sale to Abseil!

            Giving back is a part of our core values at Parallel and over the years we have been proud to support both local and national charities. As we specialise in translation services in the field of Clinical Trials and Pharmaceutical Development, it is particularly important to us to be… Read more »

Tessa and Laura attend Brockenhurst College gala awards night

One evening in September Laura and I were very pleased to be representing Parallel at the annual awards ceremony at Brockenhurst College, a Further Education College in the New Forest. This year Parallel was excited to be sponsoring the International Student of the Year Award and we were very pleased to see that the chosen… Read more »

School’s (almost) out for summer: A roundup of this year’s language classes

With the summer holidays growing ever closer, we thought it was about time we checked in with some of our Project Managers and asked how their language classes have been progressing this academic year. The majority of our staff attend evening classes at the University of Southampton, which offers a variety of language stages from… Read more »

Parallel goes to university – why we need to spread the word about TPM

Many of our colleagues have often remarked that they knew very little about Translation Project Management (TPM) until they actively started searching for jobs in the language industry. The role is well suited to so many language graduates (check out our blog on why we love the job to find out if it could be… Read more »

Translator partnership with Parallel as an agency: Why it works!

The word ‘agency’ can have negative connotations for many translators who have experienced unfortunate encounters with translation companies. Indeed, in recent years our industry has redefined itself, preferring the term “Language Service Providers”, perhaps to avoid the over-used word ‘agency’, often also associated with (sometimes unscrupulous) estate agents and recruitment companies. There are no shortage… Read more »

FAQ: What is a back translation and why would I need one?

Our clients often come to us to ask for a back translation, but what exactly is it and how can it help in the translation process? Firstly, what is a forward translation? In a standard, or forward, translation, the translator would aim to translate the text so it reads smoothly and fluently to a native… Read more »

5 great ways to make search engines work more effectively (for translators!)

The internet contains a wealth of information waiting to be found, but often it can be difficult to narrow down search fields and make your search engine reveal what you are looking for, from reliable sources. Google, Bing and other search engines allow you to use special shortcuts in your search terms which can dramatically… Read more »

Coffee, cake and charity fundraising!

On Friday 29 September 2017, we hosted our third ‘virtual’ coffee morning as part of Macmillan Cancer Support’s annual “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” charity event. Our freelance translators, friends and families joined in by sharing their coffee break photos with us, enabling us to truly reach around the globe! Parallel received photo submissions from as… Read more »

Confidentiality and privacy issues with MT data – what’s it all about?

As many readers may have seen in the news lately, recently suffered a breach in their privacy, leading to numerous sections of highly sensitive data becoming available within search results. As with any breach in confidentiality, this has once again raised the profile of privacy issues with regards to data security when using internet-based… Read more »

Microsoft Excel, demystified!

When it comes to translating budgets and similar number-based files in Microsoft Excel, spreadsheets can throw up a number of issues for users unfamiliar with the software. Many of you will share the same exasperation, or even fear, when opening up an Excel file to find that you seemingly need to start from the beginning… Read more »

Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation: What’s it all about?

Neural machine translation (NMT) is the latest evolution in machine translation (MT) and a hot topic right now. Whilst MT itself is no new phenomenon, with the first public demonstration of such computational techniques going back as far as 1954, it has gone through a series of developments to reach its current manifestation.   How… Read more »


Behind the Scenes at Parallel: New Project Manager

Following on from the popularity of our last blog post featuring our Deputy Production Manager, Hannah, we thought we’d again take a similar approach and interview one of our newest members of staff, Rebecca, who joined us as a Translation Project Manager in January 2017. Whilst our team generally finds itself on a continuous learning… Read more »

Hannah, Deputy Production Manager

Behind the Scenes at Parallel: Deputy Production Manager

As you may have seen when browsing our website, Hannah previously shared her daily Translation Project Manager routine with us for the “Day in the Life” section of our Careers page. Since then, she has taken on the role of Deputy Production Manager and so her day-to-day tasks have changed somewhat. We thought a catch… Read more »

Wear a Hat Day 2015

Parallel is supporting “Wear a Hat Day 2017”!

The Parallel team is very excited to take part in “Wear a Hat Day 2017” on Friday 31 March in support of Brain Tumour Research. Several of our families have been directly affected by the disease, and we hope to raise a sizable amount for this under-funded charity, whilst also increasing awareness of the important… Read more »

Google Translate

Think Google Translate solves all translation problems? Here’s proof it doesn’t work for medical translation

Those outside the translation industry may think that Google Translate is the answer to every translation need. It is free, its abilities are constantly growing thanks to crowd sourcing and it is available in numerous languages. Plus its new camera tool and downloadable dictionaries via the mobile app allow it to function everywhere. What’s not… Read more »

Gold star to our TPMs!

An excellent Translation Project Manager will make getting a great translation easy

Translation Project Managers (TPMs) are often overlooked when thinking about the translation industry, however an agency with great TPMs is vital to the smooth running of the translation process for clients. Clients often ask about our criteria for selecting translators, but the strengths of our TPMs also contribute greatly in ensuring that Parallel as an agency… Read more »

Work experience

Work experience offered to keen linguists!

Work experience offered to keen linguists! Parallel has recently started to offer work experience to enable keen linguists to gain valuable insight into the translation industry and find out more about the careers available to them as current language students. Over the past few months Harry Stansfield and Elizabeth Prentice, both second year languages students… Read more »

Fundraising for Macmillan

Fantastic fundraising for Macmillan!

The Parallel team took part in the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” in September, fundraising for Macmillan. Now a well-known national charity event, Macmillan’s Coffee Morning aims to raise funds for those living with cancer, to support them (and their friends and families) medically, emotionally, practically and financially. As in 2015, we invited our translators to ‘join’… Read more »

Next Generation Parallel

Next generation Parallel – Phase 3 goes live!

After many months of research, planning, design & development, coding and testing, we have rebranded, with a new logo, fresh colour-scheme and a brand new website – our third incarnation. Working with our UX/Design Consultant, Max at Atelier Studios, our in-house ‘Web Gang’ of Paul, Sarah, Laura and Hannah have put a huge amount of… Read more »

8 simple steps

6 simple steps to word processing heaven – even if you’ve never realised you needed a guiding hand!

Unless you really know the ins and outs of what Microsoft Word can do, many of its great word processing features can remain unseen and unexploited by even the most frequent users. Here are six of our favourite word processing features in Microsoft Word:       1. Quick Access Toolbar If you’ve ever found… Read more »

Why we love TPM

Think Translation Project Management sounds ‘boring’? Here are 7 reasons why we love it!

For some linguists, the idea of a career in Translation Project Management may sound quite dull and tedious compared to being an interpreter at the EU, teaching English as you travel around the world or becoming a multilingual journalist at Eurosport, however on a day to day basis, Translation Project Management can be very exhilarating… Read more »

Molecule to Marketplace

Insightful Molecule to Market Place Training

On 27 July 2016, Dr Ray Munden visited the Parallel team in Southampton to give us some industry-specific training on pharmaceuticals. Ray, who has over three decades of experience working at GlaxoSmithKline on the pharmaceutical development of novel chemical entities, shared his insightful “Molecule to Market Place” talk with us. Starting at the beginning Over… Read more »

4 helpful tips

4 helpful tips to make Microsoft Word work more effectively for you

A Translation Project Manager has just sent you yet another heavily formatted document to translate, with different layouts on each page, and you’re short on time to fit this in alongside everything else you’ve got on. But, thankfully, you’ve remembered reading this blog and realise that it’s just the opportunity you need to put some… Read more »