Why we love TPM

For some linguists, the idea of a career in Translation Project Management may sound quite dull and tedious compared to being an interpreter at the EU, teaching English as you travel around the world or becoming a multilingual journalist at Eurosport, however on a day to day basis, Translation Project Management can be very exhilarating and rewarding.

If you don’t enjoy sitting at a desk then perhaps other language careers might be better for you, but here are 7 reasons why we love Translation Project Management at Parallel:




1. We love languages

Along with cake and tea, languages and linguistics are our lifeblood. At Parallel we are all language graduates and many of us have Masters Degrees in Translation too, so we have dedicated a lot of time to perfecting our multilingual skills. It’s great to work alongside native speakers of other languages and to have the opportunity to put our linguistic skills to good use on a daily basis.

language translations

2. Contacting translators brightens our day

Although most of our communications are about new projects, we enjoy breaking up the business side of things with a little chat here and there about our weekends and hearing about all the fun things our translators get up to. It’s also wonderful to know that, with today’s technology, we are able to reach translators around the world at the touch of our fingertips.

Contacting translators

3. We enjoy a challenge

Clients often contact us with texts to be translated and are desperate to meet their deadline. Whilst some of these deadlines may appear unfeasible at first, after some perseverance and a lot of emails and phone calls, more often than not we are able to place these projects and meet the required timescale. Fast-paced and thinking on our feet, we love a challenge.

meeting deadlines

4. Our job is very varied

Unlike staff at many other translation agencies, at Parallel we handle projects from the outset to final delivery and work on everything else in between. Seeing all stages of the project means we know all of the possible pitfalls of documents and can put measures in place to help translators and clients through these. Our day can be a mixture of many tasks including quoting projects, placing translations, checking documents in a number of languages, delivering translations and working on our reference material and glossaries. There’s never a dull moment.

translation agencies

5. We are all secret perfectionists

Whilst being perfectionists in everyday life is often seen as annoying by our friends, our attention to detail at work is celebrated. We appreciate a beautifully formatted and well written translation, we enjoy spotting a small typo that we can correct, and the research we carry out to confirm that a term is perfectly chosen is second to none.


6. Learning is fun

Apart from the training courses we go on to pick up new skills, languages and management techniques, our Translation Project Managers at Parallel are always learning. Checking multiple languages every day for a wide range of medical, pharmaceutical and patent documents means our brains are constantly being filled with new terms and subject-related knowledge. It’s great when we can then put this expertise into practice.

Language dictionaries

7. We have a great team around us

We’re lucky to have such lovely linguists to work with in the office on a daily basis. Not only do we all have similar interests and a love of languages, but the team is very supportive and are ready to help out with any linguistic challenge. We hold regular social and charity events including mini golf, tennis, lunches, coffee and cake mornings and “Wear a Hat Day”, as well as the annual Parallel Picnic for our families in the summer and of course, a good Christmas party.


If you’d like to join our team at Parallel, be sure to read our In-House Careers page to find out how.